Sunday, 27 March 2011

'This is where it gets complicated'

It's my firm belief (well as firm as an idea I had ten minutes ago can be) that life's a story. I don't think I'm built to look at things logically, I need to inject narrative, underlying rules, dramatic pathos and the hope of nick-of-time rescues into things. It's an overly romantic view, but better that in my head than thinking everything's just random molecules blipping off each other.

And so naturally with that view comes the idea of chapters. The points where one arc ends and the other begins, or a new character is introduced, or (if you're a fantasy novel hound like me) the protagonist goes up a skill grade and as such faces a new challenge. I'm pretty sure that's where I'm heading now. I'm planning my own anthology of short stories, some from me, some from others. It's only in the early stages now, but if I pull it off it'd be a big career step. More on this as it develops.

Also currently stapling together bits and pieces for the next fundraiser for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, the theatre company I work with. We've got the venue, I'm currently reeling in acts. Particularly looking forward to doing some Fry and Laurie sketches, it's been too long since I've done comedy. Intentional comedy, anyway. Once the fundraisers are over, I'm actually looking forward to sitting down and concentrating on playing the part of Luccio, who's best described as the snazziest sleaze in the story. Shakespeare's always fun, and while I'm not as familiar with Measure for Measure as I am with the Big Four, give me some iambic pentameter and I'm a happy ginger.

I shall furnish this blog with links where things are set in stone, as I will be looking for submissions for the anthology, and obviously looking for your mon- company for the fundraiser. 

Oh and this has nothing to do with anything, but it's adorable as all hell.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Wurms and Workloads

As a relatively recent blow-in to the Dublin arts scene, I'm still getting my head around the fact that no, it's not an elite club where you're stripped naked before entering and checked for the sacred mark, and no it doesn't have to cost 40e, be pre-booked and require you to comb the twigs from your hair and no, it isn't happening in some underground temple to Bacchus that you need a parchment map and three passwords to enter.

Of course, they're not going to come looking for you either, but that's where your adventuring spirit comes in.

wurm im apfel's rent party was last night. They're an initiative dedicated to showcasing experimental poetry in an accessible way, and they invaded the upstairs in the Cat and Cage, Drumcondra last night in order to raise money for performances and publications, with 20% going to the mental health charity Aware.

I always feel vaguely worried at poetry readings, in case the risen spectre of Keats and Kavanagh kick down the door and tell me I'm from Cavan and these events are for educated people, people who were scribbling couplets on their cot walls. However, you should have no such fear. The venue was cosy, the alcohol cheap (For future reference, the Cat and Cage are good peoples to contact if you're looking for a venue, click the link above for details) and the crowd very welcoming.

I arrived late, but managed to catch the cutting yet charming poetry of Catspupil, (who I randomly and unconnectedly ran into three weeks previously on a bus to Oxford, lending some weight to Pratchett's theory that there are only a few thousand real people in the world and the rest are extras) the amicable mellowness of Anne Tannam and my particular favourites of the night, the duo of Cliff Horseman and San Francisco-born urban nature poet Raven. Raven's the organiser of Tongue Box, a night of performance poetry held in the Cobblestone in Smithfield, and his energetic and intense poetry was a perfect counterpoint to Cliff's beat generation-style drawl. Also performing was Sarah Quigley from the Milk and Cookies,  whose work I've seen and enjoyed before.

If you happen to dabble in poetry yourself or are even just curious, do follow up those at wurm, as they're doing a lot to promote their members/affiliates, whether it be by help with promotion, publication or just advice. Their next event is a poetry reading on Tuesday the 5th in the Cat & Cage, featuring the talents of Kimberley Campanello and Rachel Lehrman. Check out the link here.


It's a bad sign when you're proud to have done half as much work as you should, but my work pile of class corrections, nearly-finished stories, not-finished stories and other related nonsense is slowly shrinking. I'm currently hunting new acts for a storytelling/performance poetry night, and after that there will be PR scams... cough... strategies aplenty. On a slightly less depressing note, the website 6S (they specialise in six sentence stories, no more, no less) featured one of my scrappier bits today. It can be perused here.

They also take submissions, so if you're a hit-and-run storyteller like myself, throw six sentences together and drop them a mail.

Now I'm going to make an obscene effort to finish all my impending (doom) work tonight, and then I can celebrate tomorrow night by being a drunken wastrel surrounded by heavy metal.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Oh Well, Okay

It has come to my attention that I need shackles.

Not in a filthy sense (calm yourselves) and no, I am not suggesting that I am a criminal of any great wit or efficiency. But I am a procrastinator of vicious proportions, and so this blog is going to serve as my way of making sure I'm getting down a certain amount of words a week. It's also going to serve as a place where I can review different things that take my fancy, and showcase useful things around the internet for anybody who writes as well.

As this is an introductory post, (by the by, yes I name my blogs after songs. This is because I am fucking terrible at naming things, and you are all lucky I didn't just mash the keyboard with my head) I'll simply say that I am a Dublin-based working writer, that I enjoy wine, trouble-making, new experiences and spend most of my time mooching about in a big black coat and a Pink Floyd t-shirt talking to people. I mostly write speculative fiction (think strange people having strange things happen to them) but I dabble in other projects, most of which I will at some point complain about and/or plug sometime on this.

Other things are no doubt important and relevant, but I'll add them as they occur. In the meantime, I'm going to go attempt make this blog look more snazzy and less like a printer test page, and you are going to try this.

The inventor of this site is aptly named, as it is the most evil thing I have ever taken part in (and I've been to Sandi Thom concerts). Put quite simply, you write. You fucking write. If you don't, bad things happen. I'll leave you to experiment, and quite possibly curse my name.

On that note... *throws down smokebomb, leaves through trapdoor*

Growing Pains

I have no idea why half this blog is in German. I don't even speak German.

Alright, hand me that wrench. *ducks behind scenery*