Sunday, 22 May 2011

Not The End of the World

I wouldn't say being disappointed by religion is a new sensation, but then again I have far too many things to be doing for the world to end, so all's well that doesn't end well I guess.

I find myself wondering how very busy people keep track of everything; whether they make schedules, or whether I am simply the King of Procrastination and should be fitted with a shock collar.

Right now, (well, post-blog, to be more correct) I am recommencing my lines-learning for Measure by Measure, which goes on in the Back Loft in June. I don't have a terrifying amount of lines, and I'm settling into a nice rhythm of spending an hour a day muttering the lines to myself so they stick. The fundraising for the play is going well too, with a pub quiz in the Turk's Head on Thursday at 7.30. If you happen to be Dublin-based, bop along. I'm enjoying the challenge in dealing with Measure, it's one of Shakespeare's more... esoteric plays, and the lines seem to have been designed for tongue dislocation, but I get to be a lavicious, alcoholic fop, which shouldn't please me as much as it does.

As far as larger projects go, myself and my housemate David Rogers been getting very good feedback about our first collaborative track, Message Interference. I wrote it as a short story a few months ago, and he went off and did fun post-rock things to it, and now it's a weird, sad, lonely little thing hanging out there in space. We're going to set up a site, and put up some free tracks, and then work on something resembling an album that one can buy through Bandcamp. We've also managed to snag a very talented female artist to join us, which means the next track should be even better. Our general feel seems to be taking elements of steampunk, Lovecraft, cyberpunk distopia and Cinematic Orchestra/Battle Circus type music and mashing it all together in a big cogfest of awesome. Details will be forthcoming.

Nerdy things have been making me very happy this month. I'd urge you to check out the journal of one FlaysomeWench for Doctor Who reviews and general speculation. The Neil Gaiman episode 'The Doctor's Wife' was something else, from the brilliant misdirection of the title to the numerous nods to Old Who and indeed, Gaiman's original work, and some of the creepiest things I've ever seen on TV. Of course, I am a massive fan of his other work, so I was almost guaranteed to like it, but considering I have already had major problems with Series 6, it was nice to be reassured.

There are a number of things I wish to rabbit about more, but the cold knowledge that blogging is not actually work is creeping up on me so I'm away to try and nail words to things.


At about a quarter to six yesterday, I found myself thinking about what I'd do if the Rapture actually did happen and I had fifteen minutes left to live. If there was anything I particularly needed to say, any confessions I needed to make. I had this image of the brightest sunset I had ever seen, the skies slick with rolling flame and me, on the phone trying to find the right words. That's all I've ever done, I think. Tried to get one more story out while there was time.