Sunday, 12 June 2011

School's Out

Right, after this week I'm going on a holiday.

Not an actual holiday obviously, as I am horrifically broke. But a holiday from work, and writing, and trying to make myself a real person and so on and so forth. I am just going to wander around and have fun for a week. I shall ignore my responsibilities and go have coffee with interesting and pretty people, or read, or watch certain films so people will stop giving out to me for not seeing certain films.

Hell, I might go to the zoo. Madness.

I've been so busy the last few weeks that life has been a blur of work and rehearsals and occasional sleep and more work. This is neither cool nor healthy. I am going to find fun things to do around Dublin, and go do them, and possibly drag people along. If anyone wants to lend me a book that they think I should really be reading/have read, please do and I will repay you with tea. 

Myself and a friend once planned over rum to make up bucket lists and see what we came up with, and eventually some day I will, but at the minute I'm more concerned with the list in my head that I want to get done now. 

I want to be better at internet
It is a huge big world that lives inside my shoddy, keys-missing, wobbly-screen laptop, all full of cool bloggers and tweeters and inspirations, and I don't have the fucking time to get through all of it. And I want to. I want to exploit it, and get the webcomic I've been planning for three years out there, and have fun pictures on twitpic, and have friends I don't know but think are brilliant. 

I want to rearrange my writing
I write when I can, but too often I find myself writing just for an idea, and not forcing myself to write every day. And it irritates the shit out of me. I get wrapped up in submission dates, and don't just write, and see where and how things go. 

I want to plot evil with more people
Once this play is over, I want to get out and perform more, and maybe start adapting my own stuff for performance. I like the stories I tell now, but I want to do more than just make people laugh at the awkward shenanigans I have. My Desperate Measures night will be taking a brief hiatus as I want to 

a) make it free
b) make it unique and terrifying
c) promote it until there are friction burns

I'm lucky enough to know some very cool people, and I'm hoping to scheme with them soon, and see what trouble we can cause. Because trouble is awesome.

I would blog more, but I have a tech run to go do, and glaring mistakes in iambic pentameter to avoid. But this is the part of the blog I need you for. I am going on my enforced holiday, and I need the following:

- book suggestions. Whatever you like, I promise I'll give it a shot. If you're one of my Dub buddies, I promise you can trust me with the book in question. I will tuck it in every night, and use the finest silk bookmarks.

- event suggestions. If you have some kind of event after the 19th, or you've heard something is awesome, let me know and I'll show up and look dishevelled but interested.

- music suggestions. Dubstep to death metal, I will try everything. (Yes, I've started to like dubstep. The apocalypse is coming.)

Comment below. I love you all.



  1. music!

    -strange and gives me a happy feeling:

    -irish rapper. yes.

    -and an amazing poem!