Monday, 22 August 2011

Northern Lights

Can't say no to things. Never been able to. It's why I have to apologise so often for my conduct, why I ended up spending nine months in a country where the temperature ranged between 'this would never happen in Ireland' and 'blowtorch,' and why I occasionally speaking to large groups of people about things that didn't really happen.

It does lead to adventure though. That is a definite plus.

Unfortunately this week has become one of those horrible patches of busy where I've actively had to spend time working out how I'm going to be in two places at once. We're getting close to the big Sweet Smoke & Cruelty storytelling gig (upstairs in the Twisted Pepper, Sept. 7th at 8, free in, come one come all) which is going to be pretty damn awesome. The stories are hilarious, twisted, sad and weird (usually all at once) and this is our first standalone gig, so all the stops are being pulled out. As a side point, if you are an event-organising person, put the Loft Bookshop in your Rolodex, as they're an incredibly helpful bunch of people, and the venue itself is cosy, well-equipped and very central. Tell them Dave sent you. 

(you will get nothing)

Before that happens however, I will have the joy of MCing a night of Burlesque Bingo in the Turk's Head, Templebar on Thursday. It's going to be... interesting. I've never actually MCed a bingo night before, it seems like one of those things where I should be wearing a spotted dickie bow and a truly dreadful suit. The acts are going to be excellent, there will be plenty of gorgeous people there, and I definitely think you should go, if only to see me try not to giggle when I say 'legs eleven.' Yes, I am learning the bingo lingo, I take my MC duties very seriously, thank you. (click the link above for full details)

After that (and I'm in tears at this point) there is a storytelling fundraiser for Love Songs for Losers in the Fringe. It's on Monday, is on upstairs in the Twisted Pepper at 8. There are some fantastic performers involved, and it's for what's going to be an excellent show, so I suggest you attend. More demand than suggest. I don't want to say threaten but... I am literally threatening you.

So that's the things that involve other people. Lovely people, one and all. I'm also attempting to write my very first novella, Mother Meat, for the Galaxy Sci-Fi project. Thing is, it's due very soon, and so in order to get it done I need to be getting roughly two thousand words done a day between now and the first of September. I've gotten my two in today, but I will be slightly surprised if I actually manage to get it in before the deadline. Oh well, here's to horrific optimism at my own abilities.

So... yeah. That's what I'm chewing on this week. Hopefully finding time to get fairly drunk with comrades at some point as well. Maybe fit in a Nicholas Cage marathon. 

Priorities, you know?

 Enough self-publication, however. I am very late to the bandwagon here, and I do apologise, but I have recently started watching Twin Peaks. It's just.... weird. You know when you hear someone humming a song you love, and it's only after a few moments you realise they are just the tiniest bit out-of-key? It's like that. The dialogue, the characters' reactions, everything is just half a beat off. And it's utterly brilliant. I'm a couple of episodes into the second season, and I'm trying not to skive off and watch more of it, but it isn't easy. I thoroughly recommend you acquire it by completely legal means and have a watch.

Right, okay. No more procrastination. I have a horrible story to write.

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