Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Resume Interference

There has been a slight hiatus, mainly because I've been off working and getting drunk and meeting fun people and doing fun things, but that is ALL ENDED NOW, and I am a real person again.

How have you been?

I spent my two weeks teaching gifted children and my good God they are brilliant. Maybe it's just because they choose the subjects and they want to be there, but I get pertinent questions and bright eyes, and a lack of 'why the fuck are we here.' And teaching feeds into my innate love of theatricality, so I had great fun making random arm gestures, and alternating my snarls with calm admonishments and all the other fun things that teaching entails. I also got 'thank yous' and trust me there is nothing cuter than an 8 year old walking up to shake your hand because he enjoyed you explaining the literal translations of Harry Potter curses. 

Teaching is just one of those weird things. I always get wonderfully mixed reactions when I tell people that I teach. Most people go... 

'Oh. But it's difficult, right?'

Some people go...

'Oh... prick.'

And have a story about a teacher who was particularly cruel, immediately followed by a funny story about a teacher who was imaginatively cruel and was therefore a legend. Curse of being a teacher; you must be interesting all the time. Even if you're a terrible person, even if you run your class like a death march with the Leaving Cert at the end, give it a bit of panache and people adore you. Screw it though, I like it like that. I've never met an imaginatively strict teacher who didn't put the same level of thought into what they were actually trying to teach. 

But anyway, I ramble. (and interestingly, I love the people who are so surprised I'm a teacher because I'm a ginger. 'Surely the jokes are too much,' they say. Yes, but I've been getting them for twenty-three years and had that long to form more-than-adequate responses. Nothing spins a class faster than a teacher being funny back, it's fun to watch. Yes, we're real people too. )

I experienced my first festival this weekend. It was... amazing. I've drank lots before, and that's always fun, and I've performed in places before, and that's even better, but I may be addicted to the sense of camaraderie, however fleeting, that festivals promote.

(Naysayers may point out that it was a very small festival, only two hundred people, and it couldn't be that intense. They may be right. I've bought my Electric Picnic ticket though, let's see how thousands of peeps treat me)

I like this open walking-around-saying-hello malarkey. I like sitting outside tents in the dark drunkenly trying to roll cigarettes. I definitely like waltzing in fields. I think I may indulge in more of it.
This is a late-night-I-am-tired blog. At some point over the next few days I will rant about more things. Look forward to it.


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